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The year 2021 will be a special year for Stukafest, because the festival Stukafest exists 20 years and this should be celebrated! At the beginning of this year, we had great plans to make this anniversary very special. But unfortunately! There is COVID-19. All our plans seemed to fall apart, because organizing a festival during this time is difficult. Yet, we have found a super cool alternative to share culture with our Stukafest audience and to offer (new) artists a nice stage for their performances.

Your contribution makes Stukafest TV possible!
Creating a digital stream costs a lot of preparation and money. All performances need to be filmed beforehand. These acts have to be filmed well and from multiple angles in order to create a dynamic view. Then these registrations have to be edited, so that they can be shown in Stukafest TV. We want to do our best to incorporate the Stukafest atmosphere and convey this to the audience. The acts and the Stukafest cities are ready. We only need financial support to cover the costs. Your support! We can make the first digital Stukafest TV with your contribution and still have a fun party together!

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