Cafe Theater Festival – Afra – LNP

@Govert Flinckstraat 376-2

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An ode to…..

Afra pièce is an ode to woman who have been struggling in life. The woman who keep their heads up because they don’t want their world to know that their hearts are broken. We need to remember these woman. Remember, you were born as a life-giver, miracle creator, magic maker. Remember your power and grace, the depth of your deep sea heart. Never forget you are a woman, divine, as you have been from the start. 


About Afra
My name is Afra Ernst born in Jakarta and moved to the Netherlands at the age of six. A professional danser with a contemporary style. I graduaten from Fontys school of Arts. I’ve worked with many choreographers, Lina Limosani, Percy Kruithoff, Laurent Flament to name a few. My eye for detail in surroundings will always be connected with my passion for dance, or how I call it, movement. This will always be my starting point. My love for minimalisme and in combinaion with surroundings and dance will always reflect in my creations. My vision in life: “We move as people so let our environment moved with us.”

  • location

  • Govert Flinckstraat 376-2
  • Amsterdam

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