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Anyone starting an academic year would have expected that year to look very different. This year no introduction weeks, no festivals and no house parties. Student chamber festival Stukafest also has to cancel its physical festival in February 2021. An extra pity because this year would be celebrated by the 20th anniversary, fortunately a digital concept has been developed: Stukafest TV!

In February you will see an edition of Stukafest TV every Friday. Every evening, three student cities will showcase nine artists. Each Stukafest city presents three of those nine emerging artists from different cultural disciplines. Viewers can “zap” between the three streams. This way you can still map out your own Stukafest ‘route’ along your favorite acts. In between performances you cycle digitally through the cities and you get to know a selection of the student houses in the Netherlands. That way, Stukafest still guarantees the unique experience of a festival in student rooms, without having to leave your home as a visitor.

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