Stukafest Eindhoven

Wednesday 23-03-2022

On March 23rd, there will be a shiny new edition of Stukafest Eindhoven. The festival literally brings together culture and students by having artists perform in student rooms. For this edition, special attention was given to the diversity of the twelve acts. In this way, you can for enjoy the wise words of a spoken word artist, experience the energy of a drag show or headbang on a fiery thrash metal performance. And all of that between beer crates and in your cosy stinky socks.

The main part of the festivals consists of three acts of 30 minutes. Each round, guests can choose from 12 acts to visit. In between the rounds, you will cycle to the next location. After the main three rounds, there will be an afterparty in Stroomhuis, where Whiff and Tape Toy will ensure that you will never forget this evening. Unless you enjoy the beers a little too much, which will also be sold for a small student price. To provide a full evening programme, you can also join Stukafood in advance. Here, the DJ’s of The Kitchen Rave will whip up a student meal while they throw a party.

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