What does Pay-What-You-Can mean?

A Pay-What-You-Can / Like / Wish system basically means that the customer can pay what he / she wants. The customer has the freedom to determine the value of the product himself. Yet we do not want to undervalue our own product and have opted for a minimum amount of €2.70. There is also a nuance in the word Can, Like or Wish. We have chosen Can and ask the public to determine for themselves what they are able to pay for Stukafest TV, taking into account a minimum amount of €2.70.

What is the difference between the streaming tickets?

Only the price differs, but with all streaming tickets you can watch the three streams of the relevant week.

I want to buy a ticket for a specific city / artist

When purchasing a ticket, you have access to all the performances of the three cities that will be played on that Friday. So actually it is very beneficial to buy a ticket for a certain city / artist, because you have the opportunity to enjoy other cities / artists as well. Even if you only want to see one city or artist, the Pay-What-You-Can system remains. So there are no custom payment options.

When will I receive the link of the stream?

Every Thursday before the livestream you will receive the link for Stukafest TV. Be sure to keep an eye on your spam, because our mail may end up there.

I have bought a ticket, but cannot find the link to Stukafest TV

First you can check whether the mail has ended up in your spam. If this is not the case, check whether you have received confirmation when purchasing the tickets and whether the purchase amount has been debited from your account. If all this is the case and you still have not received an email with the link, please send an email to info@stukafest.nl .

I want to participate in an extra activity (for example Silent Disco, Afterparty) of a city or I want to use the Stukabox / StukaKado of cities

Great! Select the streaming date of your city in the ticket shop. You will then see the extra activities at the bottom of the page. At the Silent Disco, make sure that you both buy a ticket for the Silent Disco and also select the number of headphones. Your city will then contact you to follow up on your application.

Stukafest TV

Where can I find the line-up?

The full line-up can be found here * add link *

I cannot participate in the chat

To participate in the chat, you need a Twitch account. Go to twitch.tv and then click register to create an account.

How can I switch to another channel?

At the bottom of the Stukafest TV page you will find three buttons that you can click on. Every week there are three new cities on the buttons, so you can decide what you watch.

I have problems watching Stukafest TV

Check if you have a stable internet connection. If this is the case and it is not possible to view via the website, you can view the stream via Twitch. Look for Stukafest Channel 1, 2 and 3. The disadvantage of this is that you cannot switch to other channels. So if you want to watch one channel, it is no problem. But watching different channels is. One option is to have the channels open in different tabs.

Stukafest General

Why Stukafest TV?

Normally, Stukafest is organized every year by the city boards. Each city has its own different programming and the public has the choice to put together his or her own program according to their own preferences. Each artist performs in a different location, allowing the audience to navigate through the city to reach the destination. Not only do you get to know new artists, but also the city. This year it had to be completely different due to the corona crisis. And yet we wanted to make it something special, since Stukafest celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. That is why this is the first year that we launch Stukafest TV. We wanted to create the same atmosphere as with a regular edition of Stukafest and that is why the spectator can choose what to watch. Every Friday evening throughout February, three city boards present their own programming and their city. You can check out other cities, by clicking on the buttons below.

I want to organize Stukafest next year

It’s great that you want to organize Stukafest next year! You can register by sending an email to info@stukafest.nl and indicate which city you want to organize.

I want to support Stukafest

Awesome! We can use all the support. Click here more information.