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@Oranjesingel 43

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When was the last time you really let yourself play? Is there still a place in our world for this type of fun and creativity? What if this place could be a café? What if a café could become our playground? It Didn’t Start With Us is an experiential performance built for and around the audience, which asks the public to step outside of their everyday embodiment and to for a few moments remember how it is to play and be free.

Through use of dance, circus, and theatre this piece offers the audience a chance to not only observe the performers in their physicality but to actively become involved in the ongoing storyline and in turn become a part of the performance itself. KNOT Kollektiv welcomes public of all ages, beliefs and abilities to come together in this playground and to reimagine how the body can exist in our world.

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  • Oranjesingel 43
  • Nijmegen

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