Mikaela Burch & Pauly Russel (ENG)

@Acaciastraat 9

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Detroit comedian Mikaela Burch has risen on the Amsterdam comedy scene. After growing up in a city with a death toll, she is adjusting to life in Holland where police spend their days hunting down culprits riding bikes without proper lights. However with finding her sweet spot dead center in the middle of a warm stroop-waffle, she now feels it is not all that bad. So why not take on the challenge of spreading laughter to the Dutch society? After all, everyone needs a bit of humor in their lives!

Pauly Russel is Scottish, not English, and he will let you know that. A compelling storyteller, Pauly makes keen cultural and societal observations. He peppers his insights with jokes, sharp wit, and spontaneous audience interaction. Manager of Off The Wall Comedy and a regular of Amsterdam’s Comedy Café, Pauly is a mainstay in the Dutch comedy circuit.

  • location

  • Acaciastraat 9
  • Nijmegen

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