New: Stukafest in the Clubhouse!

Tuesday 06-11-2018

Stukafest Utrecht presents… Stukafest in de Clubhouse!

Stukafest is a student festival, and something else that’s important for students are their student unions. That’s why this year, Stukafest Utrecht organises ‘Stukafest in the Clubhouse’, in collaboration with three clubs. The Utrecht student sailing union Histos, Utrecht gay student union Anteros and Utrecht christian student union Navigators will open the doors of their clubhouses for one evening to welcome cultural artists, members of eachothers clubs and of course outside visitors! It’s like a micro-Stukafest, in the living rooms of the student unions. This way, the members of the different clubs can get to know eachother, non-members can take a peek into the clubhouses and meanwhile everyone can enjoy a cultural night with music, cabaret and spoken word.

This special first edition will take place on Friday the 30th of November 2018. In three rounds visitors will be able to visit all three clubs, in which a performance by an artist that Stukafest selected will take place. Finally, Navigators house band ‘Hemelsbreed’ will perform as closing act at the Navigators clubhouse, where everyone can get together.

The time schedule is as follows:
Round 1: 20:00-20:30
Round 2: 21:00-21:30
Round 3: 22:00-22:30
Start Hemelsbreed: 23:00

At Histos, Utrecht world rock band De Baron will take the stage, at Anteros’ U-bar Wordbites will serve silent poetry disco and at Navigators comedian Thjum Arts will perform.

A regular ticket is €7,50, members of one of the three clubs get a discount and pay €5, if they can show their member card.

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